Today was supposed to be day 3. A day 3.  My intake on drinking days has become progressively more alarming, a bottle and change for nights and nights in a row until my next lifelong sobriety attempt, which attempts, perhaps not coincidentally, have become more serious, but not necessarily more successful. I have dispensed gradually… Read More outpouring


Yesterday my blog turned 2.  It is now securely into its third year. Happily I’m in a sober streak. Like many who are much deeper into recovery than me, I don’t know why the most recent day one stuck.  but I’ve learned and read about a zillion motivating things over the years (I can say years now,… Read More Blog-o-versary

Big Wisdom

  I’m a writer by trade.  I don’t get to write creatively or even fictionally or even about a topic most people find the least bit interesting, but I am so grateful every day that I get to be paid for writing.  It’s something I never thought i’d be able to do.  And realizing how… Read More Big Wisdom

bullet dodged

Yesterday, day 0, as I was making my way through my last bottle of wine for a while, circling April 2 in my planner, contemplating the relief and clarity and healthful feelings that would be my Day 1 today (Saturday), my husband – who I still have not alerted to the depths of my internal… Read More bullet dodged


I’m 35.  I think that’s a really good age to quit drinking.  Old enough that I need to grow the F up, young enough that I can still really change the course of my life, and even my kids’ lives.  I can be ‘hip’ sober and transfer my addiction to something super active, which I think… Read More 35